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Global Presence

Vici Energy is a global company with over 15 locations worldwide and access to energy infrastructure on every continent. Our presence in all major commercial hubs helps us understand international trends and allows us to service a global network of clients and business partners.


Business Development

Our business is built on strategic alliances that help us grow organically.  Our investments in the overall value chain is the basis of our continued expansion.
Seasoned professionals from the energy, trading, and finance industries lead Vici Energy’s business development team. They have vast experience in both mature and developing energy markets. They identify and assess market opportunities that are fundamental to our mission.


Corporate Governance

Our continuous success depends greatly on the ethical standards with which we conduct our business.

We have adopted a culture of compliance, teamwork, and accountability while embracing innovation. We work collectively to sustain these values throughout the organization.

We also expect from our business partners to actively uphold our principles in their own business activities.



Vici Energy is comprised of a diverse team from a multicultural background. What they have in common is the desire to contribute to the company’s growth and to serve our customers.