Vici Energy is a vertically integrated energy company helping clients meet the world’s ever-changing requirements

At the heart of global supply, we integrate key resources to power the world.
And we do so responsibly.
Across our worldwide network, we use infrastructure, logistics, and finance to connect producers with end-users.We proudly invest in clean energy solutions to support the transition to a future with lower carbon emissions.

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Our vision is to create a connected and prosperous world in which physical commodities flow easily from their sites of origin to their locations of need.

Our Environmental Principles

Environment protection is one of Vici Energy’s guiding principles.
Our organization, therefore, adheres to the following points:

Environmental Dedication
We conduct our activities in a manner that respects the environment, with a focus on protecting future generations.

Impact Minimization
We make unrelenting efforts to detect, characterize, and minimize the environmental effect caused by our facilities and trading activities.

Constant Adaptation to Applicable Regulations
In addition to complying with current environmental regulations, we use international legislative trends as forward guidance.

Global Presence

Vici Energy has a strong global presence with offices worldwide


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